Of course, this conceiving and impressing of the images of visible things is proven not to have happened like that which is practiced on other materials (plainly on the surfaces of their bodies), where the greater ones have greater bodies and the smaller ones smaller. Indeed, on many a tablet or paper we depict many images; on a larger scale we paint large things and write large characters. Yet here is each undivided substance which likewise conceives the figures and characters of many things, as well as of great ones. For instance, we conceive in the center of our eyes’ pupils a whole forest of things at once undivided glance, and each thing’s mass we contract and judge at one single probe.

Not only the interior but, in a certain way, the more spiritual power of the soul receives these species and arranges them, existing in a phantastic spirit, and should be judged to be something individual, from the genus of light, illumination and the act of the perceptible thing and form, differing from external sight, which is formed by another alien light, because it is both light and sight at the same time, just as, proportionately, the sun’s light is distinguished from the moon’s. For, just as natural light is visible from without, the other the light phantasm is visible from within. Finally, eyesight differs from the seeing power of the internal spirit, as a mirror that sees should be distinguished from a mirror that does not see, but is only distinguished by him who represents it as a mirror informed and illuminated by itself, and which is both light and mirror at the same time, and in which a perceptible object is one with a percipient subject.

On the composition of Images Signs & Ideas by Giordano Bruno (Trans. Charles Doria)

“Images Cannot Be Ideas, but They Can Play the Part of Signs.” Claude Lévi-Strauss

February 17, 06

A recent visitor to Athol Springs has sent us this poem.

For Edward Albee and Lenore Malen

walking by the shore among lumps of lava,
reading Mesmer and dreaming of magnets around trees
and the earth’s magnetic storms being interrupted
by brain waves and electric elevations—
reading Mesmer to find a Utopia of new balances,
Seeking inner electricity to cure
those waves coming up from the ground
where we close our eyes and think dinosaurs
swaying through museums, reading history
while the path of memory takes us up the ladder
where we meet dogs and smiling into their gentle eyes.
find trust. Always it’s the story that matters,
the actor says, a man of two minds barking at every creature.
while with books and words descending
memory become a wilderness of elsewhere,
looking deep into our beginnings,
to see those giant lizards rising from the sea.
and wondering what can they know of feelings.
animal and friend, members of the audience,
look forward and back in quick flashes
standing in the gap. Is this our history—
mapping their beginnings to find trust in quick flashes
watching from the shore?

Corrine Robbins
February 06

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Saturday, June23The Animal Kingdom
1) Baby loggerhead sea turtles navigate featureless waters using only magnetic cues.
2) Pigeons have magnets (Science 205, 1027-1029).
3) Studies of magnetic sensitivity in the yellowfin tuna.
4) Bees have magnetic remanence (Science 201, 1026-1028).
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